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People of All Faiths Attend Community Thanksgiving Service

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -- Religious and City of Huntsville leaders are taking a page out of the Pilgrim's book. People all types of faiths and different backgrounds joined together for a community Thanksgiving service this evening at Faith Presbyterian Church. The service focused on what the true meaning of the holiday is.

"Thanksgiving itself is a national holiday, more than a holiday, it has national recognition, it's for all citizens," said Reverend Frank Broyles with Faith Presbyterian.

Broyles said the community service is to bring together people from all walks of life. "It's a national celebration and communities across the country are encouraged to celebrate Thanksgiving and express their gratitude for the gifts of life in their own particular way," he said.  "So why not involve a broad cross section of groups and constituencies, different faiths, cultures races, in the planning of it and carrying it out."

He hopes the congregation leaves with a changed spirit, heart, and outlook on life. "A strong sense of gratitude for the gifts of life, and that we've been given this life to be stewards over, and all of the faiths recognize the act of good stewardship, care of the gifts that we've been given."

It's more than just turkey and dressing. It's about fellowship and being aware of all that we've been blessed with. "We can all come together around gratitude and generosity as virtues and values, whatever the religious tradition, whatever the culture, how can we be more grateful people that not only speak of thanksgiving but also live into Thanksgiving," said Reverend Broyles.

An offering taken at the service will go to the 7th Annual Thanksgiving Dinner for residents in a public housing neighborhood off University Drive. Canned food and non-perishables were also accepted for local food pantries.