School System: Huntsville High Student Disciplined for Bringing Plastic BB Gun

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - School personnel have disciplined a male student accused of bringing a plastic BB gun to school on Friday.

The school was on heightened security while staff and police investigated the situation, but did not go on lockdown, according to Keith Ward, spokesperson for Huntsville City Schools.

Ward said the student brought a plastic BB handgun to school, which is a violation of Huntsville City Schools policy.  The school system is sending out a message today to remind parents about which items are not allowed on school grounds.

Page 16 of the student handbook states "No student may have any instrument which may resemble or give the appearance of being a knife, gun, or any weapon."

Ward said the punishment can range from suspension to expulsion, and the Huntsville High student is being disciplined accordingly.

The school system asks parents to check their child’s personal items each day to make sure they are bringing to school only those items that belong here.


  • Aldeon

    School is no place for bb guns. This is a weapon that can send a person to
    the hospital and should be used by minors only under adult supervision. Young people understand, bb guns are not toys!

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