Update: Woman Charged in Deadly Hit-and-Run on Mountain Gap Road

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Huntsville Police say a woman is charged with manslaughter following a deadly hit-and-run Thursday on Mountain Gap Road near Springwood Drive.

Police got a call about a traffic wreck around 8 p.m.  Witnesses say a driver hit a pedestrian and drove off.  The man hit, Marty Reed, 45, died on the scene.

Tammy Byrd Buchanan (Photo: Huntsville Police Dept.)

Tammy Byrd Buchanan (Photo: Huntsville Police Dept.)

A witness got a tag number for the vehicle and gave it to police. Officers tracked the driver down quickly and found the suspect, Tammy Byrd Buchanan, 45, at the Citgo gas station at Green Cove Road and South Memorial Parkway.

Police say the accident may be alcohol-related, and toxicology tests are pending.  Police say Buchanan and the victim may have known each other.   Both lived in Owens Cross Roads.

Police say Buchanan is charged with manslaughter and leaving the scene of an accident.


  • Amanda Francis

    Someone seriously needs to do some traffic control on Mtn. Gap… I live off of Mt . Gap and people drive way too fast!! There is an accident once a week (this is twice this week!!)

  • mj

    The police need to be on Mtn Gap when school is in session in the mornings when parents are doing u turns on Mtn Gap and dodging traffic. Prayers to the man’s family.

  • Tina

    What? How about people need to stop and offer assistance when they hit someone walking down the road? What is wrong with you people?

  • Terry Le Dactyl

    Girl friend ran him over. She was traveling so fast he flew in the air, lost items of clothing and high boots. I heard that horrified young relatives in another car came up on the scene soon afterwards. How soon, not sure. Hope the news stations give us more info.

  • Norma & William

    Marty aka Moe was a sweet man. He will be truly missed. We here at Victory Lane in OXR will truly miss your company Moe. You Will be missed.

  • BK

    It was an awful thing. Praying for this gentleman and his family. I heard sirens and saw flashing lights through my window. We were praying for him as the EMTs were administering CPR. Commending neighbors for quick responses and running to his side. Especially, for the lady who followed the car that hit him and got the license plate. I can’t understand how someone could hit another human being and leave the scene. Praying for her too. Mt. Gap has a lot of traffic and cars drive at excessive speeds like they’re on 565. We have children that live on the street and we (parents) won’t let them play in the front yard because of the disregard to the speed limit and from the number of accidents we’ve seen. Need the city to do something about it.

  • Mollie

    This is very sad for this man family and love ones. I can’t imagine that she would hit the victim and leave the scene of the accident. It seems that people are gutless these days. I wonder how she would have felt if it had been one of her immediate family members and the Victim left the scene of the accident. Nevertheless; it would have been better to just stop, and try to assist the victim, but she chose to keep going and thankfully someone was able to get the tag number and pass it on, and now she is in serious trouble, let alone driving drunk. Don’t you know that alcohol and gas don’t mix, at least the kind that you drink; when trying to operate a vehicle; and it is also against the law. So I hope that this incident will sober her up; as she spend time in prison. You don’t call these kind of actions Accidents, when you leave the scene; as if you have hit an animal, you would call this plain stupidity.

  • Bradley

    I hoped to never see this face again. This trash killed my 9 month pregnant sister and her unborn daughter in 1995 while driving drunk. She did get 14 years in prison but obviously did not learn her lesson. I hope she spends the rest of her life behind bars where she belongs.

    • Terry Le Dactyl

      Oh my goodness Bradley. I’m so sorry about your sister and child. Is there anything on the net about it? Probably not…1995 is a long time ago. I hopes hundreds of people see your/this post. The truth about this evil woman needs to come out before trial.

    • justine b

      the woman who was involved in the hit and run on mountain gap rd is not the same person from 1995 im sorry that happened to your family but this woman is nothing like that person. she has never been in trouble prior to this. yeah she made a mistake as we all do. she does not deserve major time this was an accident

  • ChrisS

    This person should have never seen the light of day after taking the life of two others. The judical system once again failed their family and relatives, as well as the public. I hope this time they get it right, but its still to little and to late.

  • justine b

    obviously no one really knows what happens…..we should keep our comments to ourselves…i feel for marty i knew him i also feel bad for the woman who hit him cz im close to her

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