Web-Based Delivery Meal Companies Can Take Stress Out Of Cooking

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Image Credit: BlueApron.com

If you’re looking for less stress this holiday season but still want to impress friends and family with a fabulous home-cooked meal, you might try one of several web-based “dinner kit” companies.

One of the most widely available, including in Alabama, is Blue Apron.

For a minimum commitment of $59.94 a week (a price that includes three meals for two people at $9.99 a meal) you can get boxes of ingredients sent right to your door with everything you need to make a fabulous meal. Prices go up for meals that accommodate more people.

There’s no membership required and you can cancel any time. To get a sense of what kinds of recipes are offered, check out the website’s On The Menu section, which highlights featured meals of the upcoming week.


Plated is a similar ingredient delivery service but has slightly less nationwide availability. It offers meals like Mushroom Crusted Flat Iron Steak with Cauliflower Mash for about $12 dollars a serving for members.

Lastly, Plate Joy is a newer service that outsources daily meal planning at a high level. The service aims to plan all three meals of your day and you can customize delivery to your dietary needs and preferences.  Next-day delivery for a minimum order costs $79.

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