Limestone DA Asks Judge to Hold Clem Until Appeals Court Reviews Case

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Austin Clem

ATHENS, Ala. (WHNT) – The Limestone County District Attorney has asked a judge to review the case involving a man convicted of rape, but who will essentially serve no more time behind bars.

In September, a jury convicted Austin Clem of one count of first-degree rape and two counts of second-degree rape.

In sentencing last Wednesday, Judge Jimmy Woodroof chose to split the sentence, requiring Clem to only serve two years in community corrections and three years of supervised probation.

The prosecutor in court during the sentencing immediately contested it, and the victim and her family have also said they’re confused, talking with WHNT News 19 after it was handed down.

Limestone County District Attorney Brian C.T. Jones filed a motion November 16 to stay the proceedings. In it, Jones asks the court to stay the proceedings, suspend the imposed sentence and hold Clem in jail until the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals reviews the case.


  • Yvonne Williams

    As a victim of rape myself when I was 16, I cannot understand how the victim has no justice in this case. It was wrong of the judge to only give this man 2 years probation. It makes me sick that this guy gets to go live back in the same house as his minor children. The children should be put into state protection until thias rapist is behind bars for life. There are people in jail for less than what he did, and they get life. Can you tell me something, WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS JUDICIAL SYSTEM?

    • Jeanie Cagle

      I am in complete disarray at the LACK of disrespect our so called “system” has for this victim. My ex- fiancee served 3 months for something he absolutely had nothing to do with. I know this because he was already in jail when this inncodent occured. He was in jail for all non-violent conviction, s. Noone, and I mean noone, not the attorney, judge, or anyone in a position of power would bother looking in to

      • Jeanie Cagle

        to his innocence. Although 3months, figuratively speaking, is not a long time, having double kidney in jail is agony. Taxpayers, like myself, had to pay about 3,000 dollars, 3 times a week to transport him back and forth to dialysis. Is our system that corrupt t, o the point they are willing to convict without hesitation? Without knowing the facts? He was in jail already, I had proof. Noone listened. If he was in jail, ho

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