Kids to Love: Christmas for the Kids

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TENNESSEE VALLEY (WHNT) - It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas all across the Valley.  As we start our shopping for our family and friends, we want to remind you how you can help those in need in our community.

The Kids to Love Christmas wish ornaments are going up all around the Valley.  This year we have more than 1,000 kids depending on Kids to Love to make their Christmas wishes come true.  Some children are less than a year old, all the way to teenagers, all children in foster care who send their Santa wish list to us.

Remember last year? We turned our north Alabama warehouse into the North Pole.  Right now our warehouse is empty with lots of racks and shelves that must be filled so the wishes can be granted Christmas morning.

That's where you come in.  It's as simple as taking an ornament and buying the gift.

Some wishes are under $10.  Others -- well, it is Christmas....

There are several ways you can get involved:

Volunteer, donate, sponsor and ornament or a child's full wish list.

Click here to learn more about Kids To Love: Christmas for the Kids.


  • sheretta

    what I want for my kids is a Tree this is their first Christmas without anything. A Tree is a blessing for them

  • patricia

    i am putting up our old tree to this year.i lost my job in oct,2013 and my daughter and my two grandbabies came back home from indianapolis indiana from a domestic emotional abusen relationship.having them with me safe is what i wanted for christmas.and i remember watching my mother cry at christmas for not being able to get 7 kids one gift as we had a father with a addiction to alcahol,id ask mom why you crying but she would not say just say jesus will wipe away her tears.she would somehow manage to get us once a bag of diferent candy and we were happy as if we got it all.i lost my mom to cancer in 2009 and i remember all she taught me about what christmas is really for,but as she did i see me doing the same and i watch my daughter when she dont know im watching and i see her tears.there daddy has left them 9 months ago so she has no income for them or her for helping her to get on her feet and it seems impossable after loseing my job.everything that comes on tv commercial,toys.marea and reyna will say mom or mamaw will you buy me that for christmas.all i can say is yes and hope before christmas gets here something will come threw for them.i cry tho i know jesus is the reason for the season,but they at 3 and 4 dont understand that.i tried to get kala to sign the kids up for help on there christmas but she refused saying they already had some toys to play with and some kids dont have any broke my heart.i still feel so bad because i cant do anything for them girls this year and there mom cant either.i know it is bothering her as she tries to hide it.but i realize and learned from this coming christmas is i did instill in my daughter what my mother instilled in me in my heart.and that was and is that tho hard times has come and as much as it hurts that we wont be able to bye toys or nothing for our little girls this year,they have a roof over there heads and food to eat and toys from lastyear and in many other places there is children that have none.or even a roof over there head,no place to sleep and no nothing.and how do them parents feel?.but last but not least,some children dont have parents to care if they get there kids a christmas or be loved would be a great christmas for them.i feel blessed to have what i have for me and to be able to give them a place til she can get her own..our babies are blessed nomatter i wish my friend whom was my fiancee just last week but i changed my mind to slow down.he didnt raise his kids and they dont come see him til christmas,so he takes it out on my daughter and grandkids behind her back,yells at me finding everything wrong,saying i wouldnt let him go see his,but i didnt know i had to tell him to go.thats just resenting me for the diferent relationships we both have with our kids and grandkids,so he always try to find something wrong with her and the babies,i know its from his kids not wanting to be around him.i use to feel sorry now i just pitty can anyone try to make you choose them over helping a helpless child,i wish he would change that would be my christmas but he wont its been almost 4 im making plans for newyear resolutions,help to have strenth to start a new lifewithout can be a parent and grand parent and have a spouse.why should anyone choose.i dont want my grandchildren to be around negativity from him or anyone.they feel that.and they know when someone loves or dont love them.merry christmas everyone and everyone at all are the best.

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