Abandoned Dogs Rescued in Lawrence County

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LAWRENCE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) -- Lawrence County officials responded to a disturbing situation in Hillsboro on Sunday morning. Several dogs needed rescuing from a home on County Road 413. They were abandoned and starving.

"There was a dead one here that the dogs were eating, they had no food," said Bobbie Taylor, with the Lawrence County Animal Rescue Shelter.  She said neighbors had been trying to take care of the abandoned dogs.

"I had two or three of the neighbors call me and tell me that these dogs had been abandoned over two months ago and that they were on chains," said Taylor.

It looked like no one is living in the house.  The dogs were trying to find shelter any way they could. "There's a hole in the back door where they were crawling in and out, the ones that were loose, there were three puppies inside about 4 months old and one dog on a chain had managed to crawl in," she said.

Taylor contacted the Lawrence County Sheriff's Department and Animal Control. Authorities are trying to figure out who left the animals helplessly tied up at the home.

"No one knows what happened to them, they moved away and left the dogs on chains," said Taylor.

About a dozen dogs and puppies needed help. "They had no houses, no food or water, and I don't know how they've survived except with the neighbors bringing food to them," said Taylor.

Taylor took the dogs to the Lawrence County Animal Rescue Shelter. They will get checked out by a veterinarian and be put up for adoption.


  • mamac

    Abandoned the trash that left these dogs. It was good of the neighbors trying to help what they did, but the animal shelter should have been called right after the trash left …Now Lawrence County you want some money sock it to the trash that did this..Shame shame shame..To the so called owners Your punishment want even COMPARE to what God’s punishment will be.

  • Karen

    These people should be chained up for 2 months with no food!!! How can anyone do this to a animal is beyond me. Dogs are the most loving animals and love you more than they love themselves. I think there should be harsh punishment for people who abuse animals. People like this are up there with child abusers and child molesters!! So sad. I hope these dogs find loving homes that will care for them :)

  • Teressa

    To the people that have wrote in I would like to say we called in about 6 months ago to report about the animals and could not get no help.We did are best to feed and water them,the ex husband and daughter finally show up we told them we had been feeding and watering the dogs.He told us that the animals in the house(that we could not help in the 90 degree weather) was his daughters and that his ex wife abandoned the house and the animals. I could go on and on about people like this!

  • Sue

    Oh my God! This is heartbreaking! These poor dogs. Records of who lived there can be looked up by police. They should pay for what they did to these poor animals. They might go somewhere else and do the same. I am so glad someone finally came and rescued them. I am glad neighbors fed them.

  • Sandra Nathan

    If Lawrence County Sheriff and officials do not pursue animal cruelty/neglect charges against the owners of these poor dogs, they are failing in their charge to uphold the law. This is against the law. For god’s sake — give some help and protection to the poor animals in this county. Starving, abandoned dogs are every where. TY Bobbie Taylor for responding to these helpless ones.

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