Jury Seated in Negligent Homicide Trial of Former State Trooper

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LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala (WHNT) - Jury selection began Monday at the Limestone County Circuit Courthouse for the State Trooper charged with killing a Limestone County couple in 2011.

A jury of nine women and four men, with one as an alternate, were selected for the case.

Heath Moss, 33, was indicted after the April 25, 2011, wreck that killed Jamie Lee Gossett, 31, and his wife, Sarah Rene Gossett, 38, of Tanner.

Heath Moss wreckTrooper Moss reportedly was responding to another wreck and witnesses say he was running his emergency lights and siren at the time of the crash. The family has filed a lawsuit against the officer claiming negligence and recklessness. The suit was filed May 6 on behalf of the couple's estate.

According to the suit, Trooper Moss was driving south on Lucas Ferry Road around 9:30 a.m. while the Gossetts were traveling south on the same road. The Gossetts were waiting to turn left onto Moyer Road.

According to the suit, Moss ran into the back of the Gossetts' vehicle.

In his opening statement, Limestone County District Attorney Brian Jones said former Trooper Moss was negligent in driving 106 miles per hour on the two-lane Lucas Ferry Road.

Moss' attorney countered, claiming Moss was just doing his job and that his actions were not negligent.

A State Trooper dispatcher who took the stand testified she sent Moss to a wreck on April 25, 2011 in which a child was reported injured. She said the child suffered a minor cut.

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  • Johnny Rychuss

    This is a sad incident, However I cannot see how it is criminal. Bad drivers of all types should face criminal charges, But this was an emergency vehicle doing what they some times must.

    • Branko Pezdi

      So rearending someone’s car (fatally so) is OK because the trooper was on an emergency call?? This trooper should do prison time!

  • Jelani

    The jury will realize, that as public servant, this man is well trained! The state trains and spends millions of tax dollars to help ensure that the proficiency and skills of its personnel for the safety and protection of we the the people, not to be subjected to negligence nor malicious intentions of immature people! This quarterback, is very well trAined and experienced in identifying negligence!

  • Leigh

    This is an sad accident. But sorry to say but he is at fault!!!.. Emergency vehicles has to follow rules just like other people. And he was going beyond the rules. No matter if he was going to an “emergency call” the speed was the issue mostly. If you look at the emergency vehicle laws they can only go so much over the speed limit and I believe he was going way over that!!!!!! I know that for a fact cause I work on an emergency vehicle. I just hate for his family to have to go through this as well as the other family that lost their loves one. If they let him get away with this what is that telling all the other emergency workers.

  • Tresia

    There are so many factors in a case like this. You have to look at both sides. Just remember that the media spins things for a good story so put yourself in that troopers shoes.

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