Crimson Tide Fans Shake Bryant-Denny Stadium

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Tuscaloosa, Ala. - (WHNT) Saturday's game between Alabama and LSU turned into a party for Crimson Tide fans at Bryant-Denny Stadium. Fans as well as members of the media are claiming they felt the stadium shake during one timeout in the fourth quarter. The famous song "Dixieland Delight" by the band Alabama brought most of the 101,000 fans to their feet, singing and dancing in unison. You had to be there in person to really know what the moment felt like, but this video from proves the stadium actually swayed during the song.

Click on the video player above to get a sense of the atmosphere from field level.


  • Frank Thomas Jr.

    This is a deliberately misleading headline, with claims in the article that are not supported by the video. Ryan, did you draw your own journalism degree with crayons on a napkin?

    The video you reference does not “prove” anything about the stadium swaying during the few seconds of the song included in the clip.

    Why lie? Why was it necessary to lie? Sure, the atmosphere at the game must have been great. And sure, this is a puff piece about a football game. So why lie about it?

    This could explain why you are still doing sports writing in a backwater Alabama town.

  • Claire Aiello

    Frank, I was there in the stands. We were definitely swaying, especially during the Dixieland Delight song. The stadium was louder than I’ve ever seen it. We stayed on our feet the entire game, and that’s not always something Bama fans do. (being honest.)

  • Kevin Brothers

    I was there as well. In the upper deck. It felt more like a vibrating sensation to me. I have video of re crowd during that time about two minutes in length from atop the stadium. It was absolutely electric!!!! Thanks Ryan!!!

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