Printing Voter Lists, Legal Notices a Drain on Local Coffers

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TENNESSEE VALLEY (WHNT) – To most people, $150,000 is a huge chunk of change. It could pay the average salary of three teachers in Huntsville. It could buy four new police cars.

In Huntsville, it’s in the budget to pay for something else: legal notices in newspapers.

In fact, it’s in all city budgets.  These legal notices are required by state law, but how effective are they?

"I think everybody pretty much understands that eventually technology is going to reach a point where publication is going to go online," said Ken Smith with the Alabama League of Municipalities.  "The public is interested in using technology.  There's a lot more access to it as it becomes available."

State law requires cities to print certain legal notices, but in the 21st century, does this law even make sense anymore?

WHNT News 19's Carson Clark explores this issue Thursday, November 21 on WHNT News 19 at 10:00 p.m. in his special report, The Cost of Government.

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  • wake up

    i think the newspapers should do it for free they can do it as a tax write off ….. but the biggest question is why dont yall put the bad stuff that obama does on the news like the terrorist or treason acts he does all the time like giving money and weapons to terrorist groups or making up stories about shootings that is what needs to be on the news everyday and quit trying to hide all the bad stuff he does because he is president thank

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