Middle School Team Converts ‘Most Inspiring Football Play of All Time’

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The Olivet Eagles middle school football team in Olivet, Michigan may have executed the most successful and most inspirational football play of all time.

The team, without coach’s knowledge, came up with a plan to not score a touchdown. The team planned the play for weeks, all so they could set up a very special moment for a special teammate.

Keith Orr is a special needs child. His buddies on the football team wanted to give him that once chance to run for a touchdown.

Sheridan Hedrick was running the ball and intentionally downed it inside the 1-yard-line, much to the dismay of the crowd.

That was until the team called the next play: the “Keith Special.”

The ball was hiked and immediately handed to Keith, who ran across the goal line with his teammates surrounding and protecting him from the defense.

Keith’s parents were scrambling for the camera when he ran across the goal line. While they almost missed the moment, they undoubtedly understand the significance of the play.

“Somebody is always going to have his back. From now.. until the day he graduates,” Keith’s mother told Steve Hartman of CBS News.

While Keith’s parents were moved by the incredible gesture, Olivet wide receiver Justice Miller was likely the most impacted by the “Keith Special.”

“He’s never been cool or popular. He went from being a nobody to making everyone’s day,” Miller said.

Justice admitted the play was not his idea.

“I would not have thought about that,” adding it never crossed his mind to give Keith any glory.

With tears streaming down his face, Miller said “I went from mostly caring about myself and my friends to caring about everyone and trying to make everyone’s day in everyone’s life.”

And that’s why the “Keith Special” could possibly be the most successful football play of all time.

Source: CBS News | Middle school’s life-changing play


  • Rosa

    That was a wonderful an thoughtful thing to do. Need more caring people like that. Proud of that team, thats what makes a team. One person can make a difference but a whole team can make a world of difference.

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