Police: Alarm Call Leads to Arrest of Tuscumbia Burglars

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Items recovered by Tuscumbia Police Department.

TUSCUMBIA, Ala, (WHNT) –  The Tuscumbia Police Department has had a mystery in their hands. Seven residential burglaries have plagued the northern part of the city within the last week.

“We noticed that they were kicking in doors. Sometimes I think even breaking the window to get in.  They would go in and see what they can snatch up. They wanted something quick,” said Lieutenant Stuart Setliff.

On Wednesday, Lieutenant Setliff received a call that led to the arrest of 18-year-old Anton Townsend and another 15-year-old male. According to authorities, it is believed the teenagers were stealing items and later selling them for money.

Police say the teenagers stole jewelry, sneakers, a laptop and clothes. Police believe that the teenagers were averaging about 2 burglaries a day. The teenagers are not from the Tuscumbia area.

Authorities in Tuscumbia say this type of activity is common during the holiday season. They plan to step up patrols for the holiday season.

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