Web Delivery Services Bring Healthy Snacks To Your Door

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Image Credit: Urthbox.com

If you’re interested in trying out healthy snacks but not interested in paying high prices only to end up with a soy-chocolate-granola-flax snackbar that tastes like rubber, you might try Urthbox, a new startup company that delivers healthy snacks to your door.

Building on the success of Birchbox and similar beauty samples companies that send you a monthly box of high-end items to try, Urthbox will send monthly subscribers a collection of 20 healthy food and beverages.

A few more important notes: Boxes start at $19 a month. Users don’t pay shipping. Products are available in gluten-free, diet, vegan or snacker options. You’ll also be sent information on where to buy the items in the boxes, making it easy to stock up if you find something you like. You may also be able to get special discounts at the UrthBox shop.


Healthfood lovers may also want to check out Naturebox. The company works on a similar model, offering a variety of "healthy snack" boxes starting at $19.95 a month. The "NatureBox Deluxe" option for example, contains five full-sized packages of "nutritionist approved" snacks each month, also with free shipping.

To learn more, visit www.urthbox.com or http://naturebox.com/.


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    If you are going to rerun old stories, why not the one about the economic development of the medicaid expansion detailed in the research conducted at U of A Birmingham?

    How many uninsured Alabamans would get coverage with such an expansion? How many new jobs would the expansion create? The federal government will pay 100% of the cost for three years and 90% after that.

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