Lockdown Over at Lawrence County High; Bullets Found Earlier

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Image: MGN Online

MOULTON, Ala. (WHNT) – Lawrence County High School was on lockdown Monday morning, but it ended shortly before 11 a.m.

Superintendent Heath Grimes said someone found two bullets in the hallway of the school Monday morning.  No gun was fired.  Grimes said the school was placed on lockdown as a precaution while staff and sheriff’s deputies checked the campus for a weapon.

Grimes said school staff watched surveillance video from this morning and said they had no reason to believe there was a threat.

Grimes said after the ammunition was found, though, the school wanted to be diligent in making sure there were no weapons on campus.  Deputies and staff members did not find any.

No one was arrested.


  • Duane Donecker

    Thank God schools are starting to be more careful, you never know today where a shooting may take place. I lived in a very small town in the Northeast corner of Wyoming about 7 years ago and two young middle school girls where arrested for bringing handguns onto the middle school campus with plans to kill another girl who happended to like the same boy as one of the other girls. We must remember their young brains are not fully developed and too their thought process murders was the proper solution, they never thought the whole thing through they just knew the girl with the gun would get the boy. Not realizeing she would go to jail and death is permanent!

  • Judy Peters

    I think the school system should have only one or two ways into each bldg. and put up a security system like you have to go through at an airport. You can never be too safe where our kids are concerned.

  • Ablessing Mitchell

    I was at school when this happened. I was on lock down with the rest of my class. It was a horrified thing for me. Thank God i had a cellphone on my side talking to my mother as she was calming me down. My sister too. Lawrence County High School was on top of their game today along with everyone else . The only sad thing i have in mind was that the person who did this was caught and was inside the classroom when they pull him out . plus it was a student who i know or at least i thought i knew well.

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