WATCH: Bus Driver Saves Suicidal Woman

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BUFFALO, New York (WIVB) — In the three years he’s been driving a bus in New York, Darnell Barton has met all kinds of people.

But he’ll never forget a woman he came upon recently.

While he was driving the bus, he saw her standing on a ledge hanging on to a railing over a busy highway.

He stopped the bus, grabbed the woman and helped her to safety before promising to help her through her problems.

The passengers on the bus gave him a round of applause after the incident.

To watch it all unfold, click on the video player above.

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  • karen

    mr. barton that was so sweet what you did my heart just when out to you.may God always bless you you could see the love you have for other people .We need more people like you.thanks so much.

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