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Medical Marijuana Prescribed to Child

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SEATTLE, Wash. (CBS News) – A nurse practitioner in Seattle prescribed medicinal marijuana to young children because he says he thought it was the right thing to do.

Nurse Joel Berman, 65, gave the prescription to children that were 4 and 6 years old because they had a wasting condition. The children weren’t eating enough and were losing weight.  He said the childrens’ father actually came to him with the idea of giving his children the drug.

According to the state’s investigation into the case, wasting isn’t enough reason to give the children medical marijuana. The Washington State Nursing Commission charged Berman with issuing medical marijuana to children. Berman didn’t fight the charges, but gave up his license to practice.

Berman’s case is not the only one in which medical marijuana is prescribed to children. Some doctors, or in Berman’s case nurses, are prescribing it to help with a myriad of different illnesses.

We want to know what you think about this. Should doctors be able to prescribe medical marijuana to children if it helps, or should they find some other way to treat children. Leave us your comments on our Facebook page. We’ll have some of your answers on tonight’s News Pulse on WHNT 2 at 9 p.m.


  • Brad

    Medical Marijuana treatment IS the way of the future for many medical problems. Its natural! Is comes in pill forms or even made into butters and EVEN cookies!

  • Gina Sija

    I only wish the option was available for my son who has had his frontal love removed, on 13 different medications, and the ketogenic diet. Their next reccomendation is to remove more of his brain. Not allowing children to a medical treatment that works is what is criminal!

  • Sarah Wilkinson

    This is absolutely terrible! Medical marijuana has saved my daughters life. The overwhelming anecdotal evidence is far to strong to ignore any longer. This is going to treat and cure a number of illnesses and politics one day will no longer play a role. This man is a pioneer and I am saddened that he has given up his license.

  • Ben Carlson

    I don’t want my children smoking like daddy does at an early age… HOWEVER, if there is a medical need for it, jesus christ!! Give the kid something natural that won’t harm them in small doses to help with the issue at hand! It’s a very versatile substance! And has VERY little to no side affects! Can’t stand this country…. Thank you to the doctor who was willing to lose his license to help these children!

  • kelly kellogg

    If a child is seriously ill, treat them. Is that not what doctors are supposed to do. If anyone, as a parent, was watching their children waste away and a natural derivative from a plant could help, what would you do? Our governments should be the ones held accountable for all of the needless suffering and death that they are forcing on their citizens. GREEN VS. GREED

  • Storm Crow

    My question would be what kind of cannabis? The new “High CBD” do not get you “high” and are more appropriate for children. The FDA has just begun to allow actual medical studies with natural CBD/ cannabidiol. (see “FDA approves marijuana based drug”- Sentinel).

  • Cheri

    Medical cannabis has saved the life of my 8 yr old and 11 yr old who are on the Dravet syndrome spectrum. Governments need to held responsible for the deaths they cause by denying medical cannabis. Medical cannabis saves lives, medical cannabis changes lives, medical cannabis gives quality of life, we all need the right to choose. Cheri (mum from Australia)

  • Rootsgal

    WHY BE so stubborn because something works? This is all about money and how none of it is going into the pharmacuticals pockets. Well too bad for you. Perhaps you should have investigated this plant before you decide to not allow those who need it, to have it.
    WELCOME To AMERICA, where everything is about the almighty dollar!

  • Rachel Green

    I think that cannabis is a cure-all, and am so glad that it’s finally beginning to be recognized as such!!!

  • M Confer

    I think he did the right thing! Cannabis is medicine, those kids could really use “Charlotte’s Web” from the Realm of Caring.

  • Shawna

    Medical marijuana absolutely should be prescribed. People are so brainwashed into thinking pharmaceuticals are the way to go and the reality is these drugs are poison, or at the very least shouldn’t always be tr first option. It’s all about greed and making money, keeping people sick and dependent rather than trying to actually cure them. Never underestimate the power of real food and natural remedies.

  • dr. tony antonio

    dr. berman recommended mmj to me and saved my health from severe chron’s disease. thank you dr. berman. sorry they wouldn’t allow you to recommend to children.

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