Downtown Huntsville, Inc. Launches New Video, Brand

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - A group dedicated to re-energizing downtown Huntsville launched its new brand on Thursday, with a video driving home its message.

The brand is titled 'Space To Innovate' and encourages people to come downtown and see Huntsville in a new light.


It comes with a new video as well, featuring Huntsvillians and downtown scenes.  There's a local dancer and local children who launch a rocket with the help of Danny Davis, a former NASA engineer who now owns a guitar shop at Lowe Mill.

"The video really represents downtown Huntsville as an authentic and innovative lifestyle," said Chad Emerson, CEO of Downtown Huntsville, Inc. "It conveys a sense of place. Downtown is unique, full of options for all different types of people who prefer all different types of settings."

Downtown Huntsville, Inc. also launched its Facebook page on Thursday.

Red Brick Strategies, a Huntsville-based communications and political consulting firm, produced the video.


  • james

    I do love the idea that someone is trying to bring new energy to downtown, and I will say that there are some wonderful establishments downtown that as the article puts it are “full of options for all different types of people who prefer all different types of settings”. My problem is that i know that because of the color of my skin i cant go downtown with a group of people who look like me because at some of the nightclubs we will be turned away because the club owners want to limit the number of black people they have inside. *told to me by not one but several bouncers (who i dont blame for doing thier job). I find that its not worth the hassle to get dressed up go downtown and be turned away from entering a club for being dressed the same way as another person who is walking around inside just because they have fairer skin. And most people turn a blind eye to it because who wants to deal with social issues on a friday/saturday night right……of off my soap box stay classy huntvillians :)

  • Gail Carter

    I agree with you James. Both of my daughters and their guests were turned away on two different occasions. Oh yes, they were all dressed appropriately. I’m sorry, Huntsville is not ready, Until they change their mind set things will remain the same. One of my daughters moved away from here and I’m glad about it. Where she lives now the city caters to all different types of people as well as all different types of settings. Huntsville looks good on paper and their mini videos but the real deal is they still have a long way to go.

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