Supporters of Comer Bridge Are One Step Closer To Their Goal

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SCOTTSBORO, Ala. (WHNT) -- A group dedicated to saving a historic bridge near Scottsboro is celebrating a big step to their goal of saving Comer Bridge.

Driving across the bridge, you can't miss the construction going on next to it. Built in 1930, it's scheduled for a short future. It is set to be demolished in 2015.

However the Comer Bridge Foundation is trying to change that. Vice President Lallie Leighton says they got a small victory this week. "They have agreed to meet with us and look over our plans to preserve the bridge," Leighton says.

Along with state and local leaders they're meeting with a consulting company and the company contracted to demolish the bridge. Leighton says they're hoping the parties will agree with their plans to save it and talk about their options after the new bridge is done.

The group says setting up this meeting on December fourth was turning a big corner for them. However, they say there's still a lot of hurdles they have to overcome before it becomes a reality.

Among other things the foundation has to come up with six thousand dollars as a requirement to bring the consulting firm down to Scottsboro to discuss the plans. They also have to show the foundation can fund the upkeep of the bridge if it is saved. An additional $5,000 must be raised for site plans that will turn the foundation's dream into a reality.

Leighton says it's certainly a feat, but it's one they're passionate about. "It's still an uphill climb and we still have lots of fundraising to do but we see the top of the hill in sight," Leighton says.

The group says turning the bridge into a historical site would help bring more tourists to the area. They say if that does happen, the bridge will be closed to vehicle traffic.

To find out how you can help the foundation follow this link. 

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