Madison City Schools Considers Delaying Start Time One Day Per Week

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School doors may stay shut a little longer next year in Madison City, with the district considering keeping its hallways quiet for an extra hour one morning a week.

Superintendent Dee Fowler says, “Buses would run an hour and fifteen minutes late.  School would start an hour and fifteen minutes late.  School would still release at the regular time.”

Fowler notes teachers spend a lot of time in meetings, behind closed doors discussing student needs and class performance.

In fact, the law mandates many of the meetings happening during the school day.

An extra hour of peace and quiet could help teachers knock them out without disrupting school.

Fowler adds, “To accommodate those meetings, we usually end up having substitute teachers in our classrooms.  Last year it was determined that we spent around $70,000 doing that throughout the elementary school year, not the secondary, but the elementary school year.”

The biggest question mark remains transportation.

Buses would run an hour later, but what about parents whose kids don’t take the bus?

Fowler says, “Our elementary principals are very excited, and we’d be more than willing to offer child help in the mornings. So if a parent was on their way to work, they could still drop their kid off at school, and there would be someone there to supervise them until the start of the school day.”

Of course, it’s all moving targets for now.

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