Bug Swarms: Potentially Dangerous Insects Appear In Droves

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We got more than a few emails from people bugging out over swarms of ladybugs.

We didn’t have to go far to find some of our own.  We located a few in the backyard at the Madison County Extension Office.

Madison County Extension Officer Ken Creel knows all about them.

He says the insects just want a warm place to spend the winter, and you need to be careful if you plan on kicking them out, “A lot of time it’s easier to just vacuum, because when they do die indoors, they smell awful.  Also, if you touch them while they’re indoors, they secrete a yellow goo that stains whatever fabric they’re on.”

Doesn’t sound very ladylike.

Anyway, swarms of other bugs make much more of an impact on Creel.

Creel says the appearance of kudzu bugs concerns him more, “If they just attacked kudzu, that would be perfect.  Unfortunately they feed on other legumes as well, especially soybeans.”

Crops could have a hard time next year.

It’s the first time Creel has seen photos of kudzu bugs in Madison County.

He dreads the impact, “With what we’ve got now, I would assume if they didn’t see it this year, they’ll see it next year.”

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  • Barbara

    They are all over East Florence, at my house, on the windows and at businesses in the East Florence business district. They smell bad!

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