Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Service Launches In Huntsville

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -- Prior to this month there were no taxi services available for people in wheelchairs after 4:30 p.m., or on the weekends, but now there is help.

Phoenix, A Plus Cab, the City of Huntsville and the Madison County Transportation Coalition launched the first accessible taxi operating in Huntsville/Madison County.

A Plus Taxi has trained several drivers and the taxi will be operating as many hours a day as there is demand.

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Phoenix officials say the purpose for providing the demonstration grant to purchase the adaptive devices for the vehicle is to provide data to demonstrate to other cab companies that such a vehicle is a good business decision for them.

"Having such a cab in Madison County will enable people with disabilities without the resources to purchase their own adaptive van (estimated new are $45k) to enjoy dinner out with friends and family, a movie, a concert and many other quality of life moments most of us take for granted," Phoenix CEO Bryan Dodson says.

Dodson says he hopes the data they collect will lead to additional taxis services in the market in the future to better serve disabilities.

"Hopefully this vehicle will add substantially to the quality of life for many with disabilities," Dodson added.

Call A Plus Cab at 256-534-5000 if you or someone you know needs a ride.