Beauty Boxes: Sampling Expensive Personal Care Products for a Few Dollars

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - So who doesn't like to look beautiful?  But high-end makeup can cost a fortune.  No worries.  WHNT NEWS 19 is Taking Action to show you how to look beautiful using expensive make-up and other personal care products, which you can get for mere dollars.

Our idea came from in house.  WHNT NEWS 19's Carrie Marchese was getting ready for the WHNT NEWS 19 Noon Show and used a really sweet-smelling hairspray.

When asked where she got it, she explained that it came in her monthly beauty box of samples.

That made us curious about other beauty boxes out there which put expensive cosmetic products and gadgets in your hands each month for just a few bucks.

"I love getting these samples in the mail," said Marchese.  "This way, I don't have to pay top dollar for products which I don't really know in the end if they're going to work out for me or my skin."

She receives a beauty box once a month for $10 and says it has saved her a lot of money.

"What I love is the samples aren't just samples.  Sometimes they come in full size," said Marchese.

WHNT NEWS 19 dug deeper to find other options of beauty boxes.

We found a long list of them including Birchbox, Julep Maven, Eco-emi, New Beauty Test Tube and Beauty Army.

They all have different prices and delivery times.  Some boast they send out rare labels of high-quality make-up.  Others promise all eco-friendly products.  And some send samples for just for nail care.

In each one, consumers fill out a questionaire and profile, telling the company what they'd like to test out.

Most companies don't announce specifically what's coming in the package, so it's like a monthly grab-bag.

"It's like a present every month that I can look forward to sampling all the products and using them.. kinda like the highlight of my month," said Marchese.

Guys, don't feel left out.  Many of these companies offer beauty boxes for men too.  The pricing is different though.

Of course, the old-fashioned way to get free samples is to simply ask for them when visiting your favorite store. That still works!

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