Huntsville Group Rallies For Peace

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -- A Huntsville group is rallying to make a change within their community.

As a woman gets up in front of a large crowd and sings, hands are held.

The song is about staying strong. For some in that crowd, especially the young lady holding an 'in memory of' sign, those lyrics hit home.

Organizers say last year there were 12 homicides in Huntsville. This year to date they say there have been 22.

That's why the Huntsville group Beyond The Walls decided to do something about it. Saturday the group and supporters marched the streets of Huntsville, letting the community know they think something should change. " 'What can I do, to let them know I care?'  That's the passion behind Beyond The Walls," member Domonique Davis says.

Beyond The Walls is devoted to stopping violence in the community.  "Instead of creating more hate, because you know, 'I hate the fact that this happened,' but instead loving instead of continually hating," Davis says.

So clad with bright signs splashed with words they want to share the group is taking their message to the streets. "Love more, hate less, choose peace instead of violence," Davis says the message is.

She says it's a small start but it's one they know will grow - one step at a time. "Within the word 'community' is 'unity', and so that's pretty much what we're doing. We're allowing the people who have been silent wondering 'what can I do?', we're giving them a voice," Davis says.

The group plans on taking their march to other cities like Athens and Decatur in the future.

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