‘So help me God’ sparks review of Air Force Academy oath

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The Air Force Academy is considering a change to its honor oath because it includes the phrase “so help me God.” The Academy could also drop the oath altogether.

AirForceTimes reports the review is, ” in response to a complaint from the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, which advocates for the separation of church and state in the military.”

Academy spokesman Maj. Brus Vidal said, according to the AirForceTimes report, that “an Honor Review Committee met Oct. 22nd to discuss the oath’s wording” but no decision on how or whether to change the oath was made.

Read the full story at AirForceTimes.com.


  • Mandy McConnell

    My 23 yr old son is an airman currently deployed in Japan. Our whole family sacrifices as he serves his country with pride! We were most proud the day he graduated and the whole group recited the Air Force creed while it was 115 degrees and the sdiers we’re dropping like flies from heT exhaustion in San ANtonio, Tx. In middle of August 2011. The day they take “s0 help me God” out of the creed, will be the day I hope he comes home because there will be no reason left to sErve this country! It wAsfounded by our forefathers with the help of the Almighty God!

  • Nancy Morris

    Requiring cadets to swear on a deity violates the Constitution’s principle of separation of church and state. Looks like the Air Force is finally starting to make an effort to uphold the entire Constitution it is supposed to defend, not just the parts its leaders like best.

  • Cathy

    Israel kept whining for a king and God finally gave them one, certain people in America deep whining to remove God from everything in the country. Be careful He may just give us that too. Then when you are facing the enemy I want to see how your prayers to the religious freedom foundation are answered and how much faith in them you’ll have. If we deep asking for it, God just may remove his blessings from our country. For myself, I pray that America will wake up and Christians will stand up and the religious freedom foundation will shut up.

  • Thomas Ault

    One day those that call themselves religious advocates that are really against religion will see that their lives are as worthless as their thoughts. God Bless America and God Forbid those who don’t.

  • Jena Deak

    What is this nation coming to!!!This is rediculous!!!I believe in God, without him we r nothing!!!Seems to me the end is getting closer & closer to being upon us!!!Pray pray pray!!!

  • preacher

    A Fool has said in his/her heart, there is no God. Ps. 14:1. Ps. 7:11 says, God is a just judge, and He is angry with the wicked every day. Read Philippines 2:10-11. It is NOT a matter of if you will bow, but when you will bow before The King of Kings, and Lord of Lords. Amen….

  • Bobbie

    I believe the soldiers shoud have a say in this versus whoever has this authority. How about they have a vote on it. Let’s see how many soldiers would be against taking that phrase out of their oath. I can almost guarantee you that they would vote it down. They need God’s protection and mercy the most and should not be denied the right to say “So help me God” just because a group doesn’t like it. The problem with the world today is due to non-believers and advocates that want nothing more to destroy this world we live in and sadly the government is allowing it. May God help us all!!!

  • Kenny

    So only people who worship your mentally sick god are Americans huh? Tell that to all the atheist in the military.

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