Helping the Homebound Fight the Cold!

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“If it wasn’t for programs like that, it would be hell on earth.”

George Barnes is a proud man. But he needs help from time to time.  With temperature going below freezing, he needed some help staying warm. He got some from CASA in the form of a small space heater. That heater will, at least, help George stay warm in one room. Without that heater, George knows it would be just about impossible to stay warm.

“It gets mighty cold trying to heat with a hot plate. I would have to stay in bed on the cold days.”

George tries to ignore the cold. But it’s tough.

“I try to stay up and get use to the cold so it won’t affect me.”

CASA stand for Care Assurance System for the Aging and Homebound. On a chilly Thursday afternoon, CASA workers took a heater to George Barnes. But there are many people who need help and CASA in Limestone County needs a little help. They need heaters.

“A lot of our clients don’t need heat and we need donations of heaters.”

Sandra Zerbil is the Limestone County CASA Director. She says without CASA, their clients will be fighting the cold temperatures on their own.  Many will take matters into their own hands and that can be dangerous.

“They will be left cold. They would turn their stove on and try to heat their house and that is very dangerous.”

You can help.  You can donate a heater to CASA of Limestone by dropping one off at their house. The CASA office is at 912 West Pryor Street in Athens.  The office number is (256) 777-1038.


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  • Frank Riddle

    I just watched the news about George Barnes and I would like to help him out. I live in Arab and would like to visit with George and see if he needs anything else.

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