Parents Could Face Charges In Nevada School Shooting

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A Nevada middle school shooting involving a 12-year-old boy is raising questions about whether the child’s parents could face liability. That’s according to police as reported by The Chicago Tribune.

Police said Tuesday it’s likely the boy, who shot a teacher dead and wounded two fellow students at his Nevada middle school probably brought the gun from his home.

Investigators are still looking for a motive – to figure out why the boy apparently opened fire with a Ruger 9mm semi-automatic handgun in his schoolyard just before classes started Monday.

According to the Tribune, police have so far declined to identify the shooter, “citing a need to protect his grieving parents, who were cooperating with the investigation.”

Asked whether the parents could face charges for not preventing the boy from accessing the gun, Tom Miller, deputy police chief for the northern Nevada town of Sparks, reportedly said: “That is basically a question for the local prosecutor, but the potential is there.”

Read the full story @ The Chicago Tribune:,0,2606606.story


  • plowboysghost

    So….Obama and Eric Holder aren’t arrested and charged in connection with providing thousands of drug cartel members with AK47’s that have been used in countless murders, but these parents should be essentially crucified?

    How many Christians have been killed with weapons and money given by the Obama administration to the Syrian jihadist/rebels without his being charged with Treason?

  • Lisa

    While it’s easy to sit here and pass judgement, we have to remember we never know another person’s situation until we’ve walked in their shoes. A better question would be “If your child brought a gun to school which he get from home and killed someone, should you be held accountable?”

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