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Pray For Harper: Small Town Rallies Around 3-Month-Old Cancer Patient

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FAYETTEVILLE, Tenn. (WHNT) -- Harper Bagley celebrated her three-month birthday Tuesday; a small victory for an infant in the fight for her life.

Harper was born on July 22 to Owen and Jill Bagley. During a routine ultrasound the week before Harper was born, an unknown mass was noticed in Harper. After delivery, the doctors at Huntsville Hospital For Women and Children did an ultrasound and MRI and a mass was detected on Harper's adrenal gland.

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Doctors performed emergency surgery to remove this unknown mass.  After research between doctors at Huntsville Hospital and St. Jude Children’s Hospital, it was determined that the mass was congenital cystic neuroblastoma. It was benign, but Harper's case is one of only about 25 on record ever.

After several days’ stay in the NICU, Harper came home with her mom and dad. But during a follow-up visit, small tumors were discovered in Harper’s liver. The infant has since undergone additional testing as well as three rounds of chemotherapy.

The family created "Team 365."  They have collected more than $20,000 for cancer research at St. Jude and hope to raise even more. See an open letter from the Bagley family below:

"St. Jude has a daily operating budget of 1.8 million dollars and performs all services at absolutely 0 cost to patients and their families. It is our hope that the small amount of money we are able to raise will go towards helping another child like Harper in the future. We can't say thank you enough to all our doctors, nurses, and the overall staff of St. Jude in Memphis and Huntsville for the love and quality of care they have given us.
If by chance anyone is interested in joining Team 365 feel free to send any donations directly to St. Jude in honor of Harper Bagley or fell free to mail them to Harper Bagley St. Jude Fund, PO Box 470, Fayetteville, TN 37334 and they will be hand delivered directly to St. Jude. "
 -Owen, Jill, and Harper Bagley


  • Lin

    Prayer go out for her and family. i also have a 21 month old grandson in Florida with same kind of cancer. He’s in stage 3 . he’s going through chemo . Going on round 4 of chemo. Has tumor size of grapefruit. His cancer wasn’t found until 08/08/13. Sad thing about his story is that his doctors kept telling parents it wasn’t tumor , it was because he had milk allergy. Yet his story goes on. For he and his three year old brother were placed in DCS/ DFS of Florida state. Yet 8months ago,under Protective Child services, I ask why wasn’t his cancer found any earlier?He was taken from parents at 13 months. now 21 months old. fighting for his life. He’s going to be going through stem cell tranplant, bone marrow transplant, within next couple weeks. at All Childrens Hospital Tampa.

    • sghetyryteft

      I used to believe in God…born and raised Catholic..but now I believe in nothing ….There’s no GOD…WHAT THIS CHILD IS GUILTY OF? 3 F…..NGK MONTHS OLD? C’MON PEOPLE TBHERE IS NO GOD!!!

  • Debbie Lambrix

    If anyone is intrested in helping kids like Harper and others in St.Jude’s Children’s Hospital there will be a chairty event auction benefitting St.Jude’s Friday night starting at 6:00 pm until 9:00 pm at The Lincoln County Fairgrounds Come and Join Us at The Annual Hunting For a Cure Friday night and Saturday.

  • Carrie59


    You are right, it is very hard – maybe impossible – to understand why something so tragic like this happens, but just because I don’t understand Him doesn’t mean He doesn’t exist. On the contrary, I wouldn’t want to serve a God that WASN’T beyond my understanding. We may not understand, but our lack of understanding or difficulty in accepting the situation does not mean that God is in any way in the wrong.

    He is alive today, and he is calling you to come to Him in your sorrow and grief and He will give you rest for your soul. You will even be blessed by his comfort. Jesus keeps his promises, and he promised, “blessed are those who mourn for they shall find comfort.”

    You see my friend, God does answer our question, “why do children have to suffer and die?” if we understand the true nature of our cry. He does take away our sorrow and tears and heals our broken heart. He does it because he loves us, and he lost his innocent child too. He knew about it ahead of time and did it anyway, for us. God told us 700 some years ago, his son would die for us and heal our broken hearts.

    (Isaiah 53:4-5 NIV) Surely he took up our infirmities and carried our sorrows, yet we considered him stricken by God, smitten by him, and afflicted. But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was upon him, and by his wounds we are healed.

  • Lisa

    Yes it is sad about this child but do not use this as an excuse to not believe in God. It is also true that this child has done nothing to warrant having cancer but bad things happen to good people. The Bible tells us that the devil roams the earth seeking whom he can devour. We are also told that we have the gift of free will to do as we please. God does not force us to follow Him but he seeks to love and encourage us to do it of our own free will. With this free will comes the choice of whom we will choose to follow. Don’t listen to the lies of the devil and chose the path that leads to the true death. This innocent child may live or may not but don’t be deceived in believing God does not care about this precious child whatever the outcome. This world is not our home! When we get to Heaven that is when we will be home with no pain, sorrow or suffering. The Bible tells us that we will not be without troubles in this world but be strong because Jesus suffered through every temptation common to us and He overcame them so that we may be in Heaven with Him and our loved ones. I will keep this family in my prayers.

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