Meat on Wheels: Taking Action Investigation Tuesday at 10 p.m.

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(WHNT) - Meat on Wheels! Sounds like a tasty and convenient option for dinner.   But some consumers have a bone to pick with a door-to-door sales company making the rounds across the Tennessee Valley.

Mary Powell of New Hope says the sales pitch was fast, but it didn’t take long for her to feel buyer’s remorse.  Especially after the salesman called her back an hour after leaving, claiming her check was no good and he needed a credit card. With money in the bank, Mary’s guard went up, especially after learning she’s not the first person to ask “What’s the Beef."

The Better Business Bureau of North Alabama is also asking questions about the quality of the product and sales tactics used.  WHNT News 19 viewers have also contacted us, wanting to know if the company is legit.

Tonight in our Taking Action Investigation, we take a close look at the product, the company and their door to door pitch.

Meat on Wheels airs Tuesday, October 22 on WHNT News 19 at 10:00 p.m.


    • dj luna

      I was buying meat from a couple for 5 yrs then they found out I had a apt for rent and that is when I figured out that they were not the same couple I use to deal with they left oweing me money and left their bird unattended for 3 days I was notified my Arrons Car mart Medicom and Hsv Utilities that everything was cut off and they needed their merchandise back and could I help them the couple drives a Lincoln and works out of it their names are David and Sonja (sonny) Duncan Be Aware of them

    • dj luna

      These people are very aware of what they are doing they couple I met are David and Sonja Duncan they drive a Lincoln be aware

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