Homeowner Wants Loose Cable Line Stretching Across Three Properties Removed, Citing Safety Hazard

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - A homeowner says a cable company is putting him and others in his community in danger! David Hawkins crosses over a loose cable wire every time he leaves his home. It isn't even providing cable for his own home!

Hawkins emailed WHNT NEWS 19 asking for help getting Mediacom to bury the cable wire.

The cable wire touches the property outside three homes. It measures close to 100 feet. Markings on the wire indicate someone has already tripped. Hawkins is concerned for the large groups of trick-or-treaters expected to walk his sidewalk this Halloween.

Hawkins and his neighbors have to get cable services from Mediacom. He chooses to go without cable.

"They could not give me cable right now because they won`t bury the line that runs in front of my house," said Hawkins.

Hawkins has maneuvered around the cable wire since this summer. He told WHNT NEWS 19 Mediacom workers put it there while fixing his neighbor's problem.

"They ran a temporary line from the pedestal on one side of my yard, crossing the sidewalk, going down the front of my house, coming back across the sidewalk and into the next pedestal," added Hawkins.

The neighbor's problem is fixed. David sees static.

"That was in July. They haven`t done anything since. I`ve called them I don`t how many times," added Hawkins.

He estimates picking up the phone half a dozen times.

"You can`t get mad at the girls who answer the phones because they`re doing their jobs. They take down the information. I really try to not get upset with them. But, there is no one to get upset with,' added Hawkins.

Hawkins insists no one from Mediacom has returned his calls. He decided to make another call.

"I mean, it looks like someone is stealing cable," added Hawkins.

This time, dialing a non-emergency number, to get a police officer out to his home.

"The guy was very helpful. That was one of the first questions, are you sure it`s legal? It is legal. Mediacom did put it in," added Hawkins.

Hawkins called again to get Mediacom out to his home, but never made it past hearing a status update.

"It`s escalated. That`s the word they use. We will have a supervisor call you. No supervisor has ever called me," added Hawkins.

The status update made Hawkins call WHNT NEWS 19.

"You all make things happen. I want it fixed. If you all can get it fixed, that would be great," added Hawkins.

WHNT NEWS 19 made a call to Mediacom and left a message. WHNT NEWS 19 also sent an email telling the cable company its wire was a problem for Hawkins.

WHNT NEWS 19 now has results to report. Mediacom called the station a few hours before the story was broadcast. The company sent out technician after the station started looking into Hawkins' claims. Hawkins confirms the cable is no longer there. So, after three months, our fight for Hawkins worked.


  • Lynn

    Comcast cable has disconnected my cable because I owe 62.00 on a bill.
    The apartment I live in pays my basic cable every month.
    Comcast cable company, excepts that money in spite the fact they turned the basic cable off. Is that legal?
    I don’t have any service, but they still get paid for a service.

  • Brad

    Did he tell them it was okay to run it across his property? I would get some wire cutters cut out the middle of the line where it was on my property and throw it away. Let the neighbors know what is going on before hand.

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