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Breastfeeding Mom Cited For Contempt Of Court, Judge Explains Decision

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Image Credit: MGN Online

A breastfeeding mother called up for jury duty has reportedly been cited for contempt of court after bringing her 7-month-old son along with her.

Kansas City television station KCTV reports the judge who issued the citation, Jackson County Circuit Judge Marco Roldan, has “refused to discuss his specific citation” but said that “under Missouri law, potential jurors must do their civic duty even if they are breastfeeding.”

Trickle was cited in September after she brought her son, Axel to the courthouse. Now she could have to pay up to a $500 fine. 

Trickle’s story has spread quickly across the web, showing up on news websites like The Blaze and The Daily Beast. Comments show many mothers are outraged and some groups have reportedly vowed to raise money to cover Trickle’s fine.

According to KCTV, Kansas law provides “an exemption for breastfeeding mothers but Missouri does not” and “court records show Trickle received several postponements,” where she presumably could have arranged for childcare.

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  • ABreastFeedingMother

    Besides being rather insensitive, your response clearly shows how much you know about pumping/breast feeding

    1. Pumps are not free, if she did not already have one she would have to buy/rent it

    2. To effectively pump milk for an infant you need to pump every 2-3 hours (4 for a maximum, and you WILL lose milk if you wait that long and hurt your supply ) . I doubt she would be able to do that in a jury duty setting. If she is not used to pumping she will also have difficulty at first getting enough milk.

    3. She would have to be able to efficiently store or get the milk to the baby especially if she had not been pumping previously and had no stored milk saved. Breast milk is only good for a few hours unless stored properly, even refrigerated it is a short shelf span, although you can freeze it for longer periods of time.

    4. Babies who have been exclusively breast fed since birth tend to refuse bottles! In some cases completely refusing nourishment. Its almost always difficult to make this transition

    That is just a small list of issues off the top of my head. Now you DO have the option of changing to formula but even if you don’t count the expense of needing bottles/formula etc and you ASSUME that the baby would take formula after having been breastfed. Then you still have issues. Because changing to formula typically causes issues for the infant (such as diarrhea) and it takes a week of breastfeeding for baby’s gastrointestinal system to recover once your back on breast milk. See formula will kill the good bacteria that is in the babies system that helps prevent things like constipation/diarrhea. Also the mother would STILL need to pump if she intended to breastfeed after jury duty otherwise her supply would start drying up

  • sarah

    Im sorry but she had several postponements so she had ample time to get the baby used to a bottle and time to stock up a supply for the child while she was serving. There is absolutly no excuse and no reason why that child was brought with her period. She was just looking for a fight.

    • ABreastFeedingMother

      You are still ignoring the fact that if she intends to continue breastfeeding after jury duty then she would have to pump every 2-3 hours during the time she is serving Which would be impossible. And that is just one point. I wont go into again other issues or the fact that she would be able to need to store the milk she is pumping for the child. Or that it would take a LONG time to store up milk to use for weeks or days if she is unavailble to get the milk she is pumping to the child. Remember that while she is “storing” extra milk, she also has to produce enough to feed the child.

      To force a breastfeeding mother into jury duty is pretty much saying “You can no longer breastfeed your child”.

  • Kim

    Just another example of people who claim they want equal rights, but then want to be treated special. The rules apply to all. Most of us have circumstances that make it difficult for us to serve on a jury, but we must make arrangements and fulfill our civic duty when called. Some people just love drama and want to be a poster child for something. She will probably be on Good Morning America and end up with a reality show.

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