Arsenal: Mold Found in Two Child Development Centers, No Threat to Children

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REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. (WHNT) - Col. William Marks announced on Tuesday that mold was found in two child development center buildings during a preventative inspection on October 19.

Mold was found in a total of six rooms, three in building 5600 and three in 5601, according to Marks.  Sections of walls and floors were removed to be inspected, in addition to plumbing fixtures and window frames.


Samples of the mold discovered were sent to an independent laboratory for testing.  The results of those tests are expected later this week.

Marks said that Arsenal staff and children are not currently within an "exposure pathway" of any known toxin.  A mold remediation contractor has been hired to remove the mold.

Marks also added that they have no information to indicate that this mold would cause negative health effects to either staff or children.  He advises that if you are concerned that you or your child is experiencing symptoms that could be related to potential mold exposure, to please contact your primary health care provider.

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