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Money-Saving Websites to Help You Balance Your Budget and Track Expenses

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WHNT NEWS 19 is always taking action by scouring the internet and other sources to find ways to help you save money.

Recently, that search dug up a clearing house of great information: 139 tips on saving on anything you can think of and all in one convenient place.

Check out

It has a wealth of information on the site, including links to other money-saving websites to help people keep close track of their money and just where it's going.

These are the kind of resources that might help out our Congress, since they struggle with balancing the nation's budget.

But households don't get the same breaks.  Perhaps that's why so many people love to get online and share ways to help others save money on everything.'s list of 139 ways to save money now includes tips for entertaining on a budget, to energy bill savings, paying off student loans and unique websites that help you save money.

It links users to five websites that suggest different approaches to watching your money and knowing where it's going. helps with budgeting.  The site helps you categorize your expenses so you can see what's happening to your money.  It aggregates your spending patterns and monitors the latest money-saving offers, advising you how to exploit them. is like a 21st Century Piggy Bank.  Users can input how much they want to save over how long and the site calculates the appropriate contribution from each pay check.  Users can also store cash with Smartypig and the fund collects 4.3% which can then be sent to a debit card. allows people to monitor budgets and balances from mobile phones.
The site has groups to whom a user can rant or rave about finances, anonymously or publicly. is a money-saving website geared for roommates who split house bills, like rent and groceries.  The site provides a simple way to monitor who owes what to whom.  And subscribers can log in to see who's paid and who hasn't.

No matter which approach you take to budgeting, it takes commitment and discipline to keep a balanced house budget.

Maybe Congress will take note!