‘Comfort Dog’ Volunteers To Help Madison County Detention Center Inmates

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - "For all the things that happened to him in his past, you would think that he would hate all of mankind, but he does not."

That's what Madison County Detention Center Programs Manager Terrill Tasker says about her dog, Prince Phillip.

In fact, about a year after she rescued him, Prince Phillip seems pretty fond of all of mankind.

Like many of the people who find themselves inside the Madison County Detention Center, Prince Phillip barely survived the early chapters of his own story.

Tasker says, "I know for sure he's been abandoned twice.  He's been shot.  I pulled a .22 out of his side, and that was before we had him.  He was hit in the head with a hammer causing his left eye to go blind."

Soon after, Tasker swooped in to rescue Prince Phillip.  She makes a habit of saving lost souls, as the programs manager at the jail.

She walks him through common areas that we can't even get to, but she says he spends several hours a week there.

Tasker says the inmates love it, "They can really connect with him because of his past."

For all the pain seared permanently into Prince Phillip's features, the love he still shows connects most.

Tasker remembers, "I've actually had inmates on the floor, crying, hugging on him, and telling me that they miss their families, their pets, their children."

Prince Phillip can bring out the softer side of anyone, including formerly hardened criminals.  You can confirm that through hard data.

Tasker notes, "The recidivism rate is lower when they have animals around."

Prince Phillip has only trotted this Earth around a year, but he's seen a lot.  And he's accomplished a lot too.

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  • Sue

    Wow! Amazing what pets can accomplish. They are so understanding and sweet. Prince Phillip survived a lot that was terrible. That is sad but fortunately it has not stopped him from showing love. Wonderful story and fantastic dog! Prince Phillip -you are an Angel!

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