Vehicle Hits Sparkman Student; Taken to Hospital With Minor Injuries

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – Emergency crews were called to the intersection of Pulaski Pike and Macadonia Road for a Sparkman High School student who was hit by a vehicle while crossing the street to board a school bus.

A Madison County School District spokesperson says the student may have a leg injury.

First responders say the student’s injuries appeared to be minor, but he was taken to the hospital to be checked.

Police say they believe foggy conditions may have caused the wreck.


  • Mike R

    Fog had nothing to do with it. Like all such so-called “accidents,” stupidity and failure to pay attention caused this.

  • Silena Buckelew

    “Wow, a school bus with its lights on…! Let’s ignore it!”
    …has nothing to do with fog, has everything to do with an idiot who didn’t want to FOLLOW THE LAW and stop for a school bus.

  • Joani Cothren

    The YELLOW and RED LIGHTS on a bus GLOW in the fog! This idiot was going too fast in the fog and had no intentions of stopping for the BUS STOP SIGN or the Stop sign at the intersection! If this person was paying attention they should have known there are students out there every day! SLOW DOWN IN BAD WEATHER, and leave a few minutes early! Come do OUR job for a day!

  • Louise C

    My grandson didn’t get picked up and I think it was because the bus involved was his bus and they picked up the kids on the bus and took them to school. Basically they messed the rest of the kids out of day of school because they didn’t pick them up. His stop was well after the accident stop.

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