Death of First Responder Hits Home For Marshall Co. Volunteer Fire Department

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ASBURY, Ala. (WHNT) — The death of first responder Jantzen Frazier Thursday brings back all-to-clear memories for one Marshall County volunteer fire department.

Asbury Volunteer Fire Department members heard the tragic news that Jantzen Frazier was killed Thursday while responding to a call. They say their hearts go out to the family and the department.

Their message though, runs deeper than just words.

Ken Burns has been with the fire department since it started. “We watched her grow up. She was a wonderful youngster,” she says.

That youngster he’s talking about is Alethea Nixon. Alethea volunteered at the station part time. “(She) was involved with the fire department with her family, all her life. Was looking forward to participating.”

Alethea had plans to join full-time when she turned eighteen.

She never got to.

Seven years ago, those same volunteers responded to a call that a fire truck flipped over a bridge near the station.

Like Frazier, that truck was on the way to a call.

Alethea died that night.

Chief Albert Childress says it took a long time to get through it. “The community, all the communities, really really helped us out,” Chief Childress says.

So now they’re going to do for Frazier’s department what others did for them “We’re going to make the fire department a monetary conribution and also the family, because so many people did for us,” Chief Childress says.

They’re going to reach out to that department in any way they can. Burns says it’s never easy to understand something like this, but they did get through it, and they’re going to help another do the same.

It’s hard, though.

“It kindles those memories,” Burns says.