You Can Help Build An Episode Of Hawaii Five-O

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CBS has announced a Fan Built “Five-0” initiative, where viewers can help build an episode of the Friday night crime drama online.

For the next two weeks, viewers can log onto to vote on the following six key story points of an upcoming episode: Scene of the Crime, The Victim, The Murder Weapon, The Evidence, The Suspect and The Takedown. Each story point has a number of options for viewers to choose from.

When voting on the six key elements closes on Oct. 31st, the Hawaii Five-0 writing staff will begin crafting a script using the winning results. The viewer interaction doesn’t end there. After the New Year before the episode begins production in Oahu, Hawaii in February, viewers will also be able to add input on other important production elements – such as props, cast wardrobe, music and the title.

“Viewers loved helping figure out the ‘whodunit’ episode last season,” said Executive Producer Peter Lenkov. “Now, we want to up the ante by having viewers’ input on the production of a show.  From story to props, viewers will help call the shots. And yes, this is fun for me when I get to see just how creative our writers can be when the key elements are chosen.”

“We are always looking for ways to engage with our viewers and reward fan loyalty,” said Glenn Geller, Executive Vice President, Current Programming for CBS. “A Fan Built ‘Five-0’ is another great example of how Peter Lenkov thinks outside the box in order to deliver exciting and original stories to the viewers.”

Categories include:



  •  Chin Ho’s High School Reunion
  •  Volcano
  •  Skydiving Lesson
  •  Motocross Race
  •  Luau
  •  Helicopter Tour
  •  Yoga Retreat



  •  Ancient Hawaiian Healer
  •  Celebrity Matchmaker
  •  Female Golf Pro
  •  Cabana Boy
  •  Astronaut
  •  Sumo Wrestler
  •  Macadamia Nut Tycoon



  •  Five Inch Stiletto
  •  Flame Thrower
  •  Poisoned Jacuzzi
  •  Snow Shovel
  •  Poisonous Toad
  •  Tiki Torch
  •  Spear Gun



  •  Body Drained of Blood
  •  Jelly Fish
  •  Kitty Litter
  •  Toy Rocket
  •  A Missing Eyeball
  •  Sumatran Tiger
  •  A Bag of Teeth



  •  Hula Dancer
  •  Spring Breaker
  •  Synchronized Swimmer
  •  Aging Rockstar
  •  Personal Chef
  •  Race Car Driver
  •  Struggling Illusionist



  •  Sniper Hunter Robot
  •  Rappelling
  •  Scuba Diving
  •  ATV Chase
  •  Giant Maze
  •  Base Jumping
  •  Spelunking


Now in its fourth season, Hawaii Five-O airs Fridays at 9:00 p.m. on WHNT News 19.