Raw Warm Chicken Doesn’t Cut the Mustard

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 Didn’t Cut the Mustard:

Taqueria El Cazador at 10099 S. Memorial Pkwy Suite1 in Huntsville: Score of 80

  • Shrimp was held in bus pans on the tabletop at 41F.
  • The stew was held at 112F on the food prep table.
  • Personal drinks were stored on top of the food prep table and in the walk-in-cooler.
  • An employee was eating at the table where he was slicing carrots.

Best Wings at 3403 Meridian Street in Huntsville: Score of 83

  • Chicken wings 10 - 110F
  • Raw chicken 64 - 66F: Thawing in standing water; turkey sausage 66F & egg whites 60F in cooler.

McDonald's at 7375 US Hwy 431 in Albertville: Score of 84

  • Unlabeled pump sprayer.
  • Broken wires on fry vat skimmers.
  • Cleaning needed inside ice maker

Golden Spoon Award:

Chat & Chew at 3663 Cloverdale Road in Florence: Score of 99