Fitness Gadgets May Help Keep You Motivated

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If you're looking for some help getting into shape, you might want to look into fitness gadgets.  These activity trackers are improving all the time.

Whether you're just getting started at the gym, or you're a hard-core fitness fan, chances are there's a fitness gadget on the market to give your goals a boost.

Nike, for example, has a new Fuelband SE.  At $150 a pop, you'll get a splash of color and lots of tools.

"The new Fuelband SE, we have tightened up our algorithms, so now we can precisely all day activity as well as get into high intensity ones as well as low intensity activities."

You can also keep track of your activities more specifically.

"People can also retroactively change an activity so if you're doing something like yoga, you can tell it, it was yoga and it will calculate that past time differently."

Fitbit has a couple of options on the market.  Zip is a simple clip-on tracker, and Force has smartwatch capabilities and costs $130.

"They just introduced a product that's $20 cheaper and actually hooks up with cell phone and tells you when calls are coming."

Last but not least, there's the $130 Jawbone UP.  Its bendable design is packed with sensors to track what you eat, when you sleep, even your mood... which, after reaching your fitness goals, should be on the upswing.