Senator Shadrack McGill Speaks On Issues, Accomplishments In A State Of The State Address

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JACKSON CO., ALA. (WHNT) -- Alabama State Senator Shadrack McGill spoke to community members in a state of the State address.

Held at the Bellefonte Nuclear Plant, the District 8 senator stood up in front of public officials and community members Wednesday and gave a rundown as to where Alabama stands and where it's going. "Overall I think the state of the state is pretty healthy, we've passed some legislation that's put us on solid ground," Senator McGill says.

He says that legislature includes reforms to cut wasteful spending. He says one aspect he would like to see improve in the District is economic growth.

When asked about the future of the Bellefonte Nuclear Plant, where the address was being held, Senator McGill says that's a question many politicians have had a tough time answering.

The plant hasn't been running. Senator McGill says if it was operating, it would boost the economy in the area. He says while he would love to see the plant operating, that's a feat that would be tough to accomplish. Senator McGill says he's open to addressing it in the next year.

The senator says the toughest problem Alabama is facing is getting students ready to replace the baby boomer generation in the workforce when they retire in the next decade. "I posed the question 'are we doing an adequate job', and the workforce does not think so," he says.

He says finding a way to fix that is at the front of his list in the next year. Senator McGill says he is also working on legislation that would allow homeschooled and private school students to participate in local career tech centers.

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  • Bill

    This guy doesn’t have a clue! He’s the laughing stock in Montgomery among his peers. There are at least seven individuals that are waiting in the wings to run against him in the next election. What ever he says is on his front burner for next year will still be there when he loses the election.
    By the way…I’m a republican. Next election folks need to do their homework before they fill out their ballot. Voting pure Republican or Democrate isn’t necessarily the best way to go.

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