Eggsact Eggtimer Not Really Great

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The Eggsact Eggtimer is a device that is supposed to show you when your boiled egg is ready.   There are little lines on the top of the Eggsact that designates soft to medium to hard boiled.  The top of the Eggsact Eggtimer then changes color from the outside of the top and moves inside.

The theory is that as the color changes and moves across the top, the color will hit the appropriate line that shows the hardness of the egg boiled.

The problem with the Eggsact is real simple. When you put it in with the eggs, the boiling of the water makes it impossible to read the the top of the Eggsact.

It costs $4.99. We make it a Dud.


  • Patrick

    If you boil the eggs by bringing the water to a boil then remove the pot from the heat and cover the timer will work just fine. This way of boiling also prevents the eggs from cracking open from bumping into each other or the side of the pot during boiling. Extra tip: To keep the yolks from turning green give the eggs an icebath when done cooking.

  • Carolyn Bayne

    If you read the instructions on the item it tells you for best results to have the water barely at a boil. You can see very easily the lines and red color. Also, remove timer before you drain and put cold water on the eggs. Timer will not be damaged that way. I have used this item for at least ten years with great success. Would not boil an egg without it.

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