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New Study Confirms Regular Bedtimes Improve Kids’ Behavior

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Image Credit: MGN Online

Parents, if you’re struggling with behavior issues at home and school, you might try putting your little ones to bed at a regular time each night.

A new study shows kids without a regular bedtime tend to have more behavior problems – AND – when kids started going to sleep at a more consistent time, those problems improved.

“If you are constantly changing the amounts of sleep you get or the different times you go to bed, it’s likely to mess up your body clock,” Yvonne Kelly, who led the study, told Reuters Health.

“That has all sorts of impacts on how your body is able to work the following day,” said Kelly, from University College London.

More than 10,000 children were part of “a long-term study of babies born in the UK in 2000 to 2002 that regularly surveyed parents about sleep and behavioral problems.”

Read the story at Reuters Health.

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  • jackie

    This study just seems to be common sense. As adults, the more routine our bedtimes are the better we sleep have and in turn, the more positive our daily routine is. So why wouldn’t evening routines of going to bed at the same time with plenty of rest not affect children in a positive manner? “Go to sleep, get your rest and things will be better in the morning” is what my mom always told me. And I did.

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