Morgan County Woman Rewarded for Commitment to Jail Ministry

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SOMERVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – The Morgan County Jail houses hundreds of inmates. One woman in Morgan County sees something beyond the crime they’ve committed. She believes it’s her calling to try and reach them.

Hollie Parker thinks highly of her friend and church member Sandra Borden and the work she does with the jail ministry.

“She follows through with them after they get out of jail and they have her cell phone number,” explains Parker. “She encourages them and her whole goal is for people to see Jesus.”

Parker says Borden sometimes gives more than just her time.

“I know she’s helped some ladies after they get out of jail with gas money to go to job interviews and things like that,” says Parker.

Every other Sunday, Sandra Borden and members of Somerville Baptist Church go to the Morgan County Jail to meet with inmates. It’s a ministry Borden’s been a part of for 17 years.

Borden is also part of the weekly women’s Bible study, which is where Parker and WHNT News 19 showed up to surprise the Pay it Forward recipient with $319. Borden couldn’t believe it.

“This can’t be real,” repeated Borden. “I’m in shock!”

After the shock wore off, Borden explained why she’s so committed to the jail ministry.

“I know they’ve done a crime , but you see a soul that needs to be saved and you fall in love with them,” explains Borden. “It’s not just me. There are others involved in the ministry.”

Borden shares the most meaningful aspect of the ministry, “You’re able to have a relationship with them, encourage them and see them stepping up in life and going forward. It’s just so rewarding.”

With her reward of $319, Borden plans to keep following her passion of helping those who are behind bars.

“Oh wow!”, shouted Borden. “It’s an answered prayer.”