Grant’s Police Chief Laid to Rest

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GRANT, Ala. (WHNT)– Grant’s Police Chief is in his final resting place. Marines gave Roger Hornbuckle full military honors at Valhalla Memorial Gardens. WHNT NEWS 19 attended the chief’s funeral and talked to those close to him.

Hornbuckle served as Grant’s Police’s Chief almost five years. It was a short amount of time to touch everyone, but the right amount of time to make a difference.

Everyone loved Roger. They did. He was helpful to everybody, said Edith McDonald.

The flags in Grant hang low for all to see each of the town’s people on bended knee.

“It’s been a very sad time. I feel the people of this town feel they not only lost a police chief, but lost a close friend,” said Grant Mayor Larry Walker.

Hornbuckle died Sunday at his home. He fought an illness for about a year. Messages of love and admiration are sprinkled all over town.

“In recent months, people have come forth and asked, what can we do to help Roger or what can we do to assist him,” stated Mayor Walker.

Friends in law enforcement, the community and members of the chief’s family celebrated the life of Grant’s top cop inside the gym of a small church.

It was a big deal for McDonald. She was touched by something Hornbuckle did after she lost her husband.

“He said, I would drive down your street at night to check on you since you are living alone. That means a lot to people and it was just the kind of person Roger was,” added McDonald.

Hornbuckle was well-respected among law enforcement ranks all over the state of Alabama. Many of those departments sent officers to pay their respects.

Hornbuckle served two tours in Vietnam as a U.S. Marine. He was 64 years old.


  • John Doe

    The older I get the closer eternity approaches. Every moment I try to keep it suppressed in my consciousness eternity keeps on marching my way. Chief Hornbuckle now belongs to eternity. Rest in peace and may God help his family & friends deal with the grief & loss of his life.

  • Tama Nunnelley

    My husband was given the privilege of serving as an officer for Chief Hornbuckle this past summer. While I did not have the chance to personally get to know him, I can say without a doubt that he was one of the finest of men. A man’s actions speak for themselves. Before today I did not know of his bravery and sacrifice in Vietnam, which alone could stand as a testament to his life, but I did know that he would go the extra mile for someone else. He put others above himself right up to the end. Even if I had never heard his name, his funeral procession spoke volumes about his character and the respect he had earned and rightly deserved. It is a wonderful thing to see that we still honor our dead here by pausing a moment as they pass. It is much more uplifting to see people, not just other officers, from Grant to Gurley to Huntsville standing outside their cars in the rain, standing by the road with their children, or pausing by their mailbox to offer a salute. It is easy to recognize a man of great dignity when he is accompanied to his final resting place with a line of of blue and red lights that stretched so far you could not see the front from the back. Chief Hornbuckle was a man of great dignity, honor, and character. Once again, Grant has lost a shining light!

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