Sylvania teacher’s extra effort doesn’t go unnoticed

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Sylvania, Ala. (WHNT) -  Our Tools for Teachers award recipient this week is Natalie Ragsdale, a Sylvania High School social sciences teacher who puts her money and time where her mouth is. Each summer, Ms. Ragsdale holds crams sessions to help prepare students for the graduation exam. She even provides lunch with money out of her own pocket for those who attend. She is also known for encouraging kids to think for themselves about the subjects she teaches.

Ms. Ragsdale's efforts aren't going unnoticed. Shelby Cary, a student at Sylvania, wanted to show her appreciation by nominating Ms. Ragsdale for our Tools for Teachers award. Shelby tells us that Ms. Ragsdale opens new horizons of though for her students.

"She kind of gives you an open mind about things,"  Shelby said. "There’s a lot of great teachers, but she’s one of the best one’s I’ve ever had."

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