UPDATE: Grandfather Claims Self Defense In Lauderdale County Shooting

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CLOVERDALE, Ala. (WHNT) - A 21-year-old man is recovering from a gun-shot wound to the stomach.

Lauderdale County Sheriff's detectives say the victim attacked his grandfather.

Wednesday afternoon, as the shooting victim got loaded into a medical helicopter, the man accused of pulling the trigger, relayed the details to Lauderdale County investigators.

Detectives say 68-year-old Gene Abernathy got into an argument with two of his grandsons inside his home on Cloverdale Road, and then the fight escalated.

“One of the grandsons already hit him in the mouth so he tried to get outside to get away from all of it,” said Lauderdale County investigator, Richard Richey.

Abernathy told deputies that one grandson followed him outside, spun him around, and continued arguing.

That's when the man says he pulled out the pistol he had concealed on his body, and fired one time.  Abernathy told investigators he was trying to stop the threat.

“Being a grandparent, grand kids are the greatest thing in the world, so to do that to one of them is really sad,” said Richey.

Richey says Abernathy told detectives a tale of self-defense.  Now detectives say they will turn the evidence over to a grand jury to determine if charges will be filed.

The shooting victim is expected to recover.


    • Sane

      Davis you are right probably wanted pills too. you don’t treat your grandparents like that. I would have shot him too, putting his hands on me.

  • mamac

    Excuse me, the grandson’s went to the grandpa’s home..Grandpa WALKED away the grandson FOLLOWED him outside he had already hit him in the mouth..You have the RIGHT to PROTECT your self at your home or when someone is threaten you. Is the sheriff there that hard up and the DA wanting cases..It’s CALLED SELF DEFENSE ..When we don’t have the right to PROTECT ourselves at our own Residence we are going to have MAJOR problems..Grandpa as hard as it is what you did you did the right thing but the grandson’s or to be ASHAMED you DO NOT TREAT your grandparents this way or your parents your elders.Nobody..Grandson’s shame on you..

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