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New Job Site Targets Furloughed Feds, Related Workers

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Feeling the financial pinch from the U.S. government shutdown? Here’s some good news. If you’re a furloughed federal worker, or someone in a related field, a new online job board is targeting you.

Cleverly named, the website connects technology startups with those seeking freelance work. Tech companies post the freelance gigs, while those seeking work can post résumés or what type of work they’re looking for.

While the jobs can’t replace full-time positions, they can offer some relief to those in need of a short-term paycheck during the shutdown – especially for those with web-based or blogging skills that aren’t dependent on location.

Mashable reports the website was created by startup incubator 1776 and began as a simple Google Doc. That quickly “morphed into, an open-sourced project now available to companies beyond those at 1776. The domain name was registered on Oct. 3, and although it’s aimed at tech startups and federal employees, other types of companies and job seekers can also join. There are currently about 40 listings for each category — ‘Gigs’ and ‘Freelancers.'”

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