Madison County Employees Could Get New Insurance Provider

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - Madison County employees could soon have a new insurance provider. The Madison County Commission discussed a plan to streamline insurance registration. One commissioner calls the potential new option a bad idea, believing it doesn't pass the sniff test.

Madison County Commissioners considered a potential new insurance option for county employees.

"I want to be sure if we are doing automatic deductions on our employees for insurance they`ve selected, I want the best rates," said Commission Chairman Dale Strong.

Chairman Strong believes right now, that's not happening.

"If we can`t stop this preying on our employees through some of these insurance companies, let`s get out of the business totally. I believe the sole source is the direction we need to go," added Strong.

An employee in the county's personnel department introduced a representative from McFarland & McFarland.

"I`m uncomfortable routing the county employee insurance to one person," said Commissioner Roger Jones.

Commissioner Jones wasn't the only one to raise an eyebrow.

"I would not be opposed to that if any and every one, agent could bid on it. But, to send that business to your neighbor down the street, I am just not comfortable with that," added Commissioner Jones.

The insurance representative stated his address for the record. He lives not far from the Chairman Strong.

"The one thing is, the people who present this insurance, it`s a group here that probably every commissioner knows in all the insurance business," added Chairman Strong.

Chairman Strong insists the representative offers the best way for employees to pick insurance.

WHNT NEWS 19 asked Chairman Strong if he was trying to influence someone to get McFarland & McFarland on-board with the county.

"A, B, C or D insurance. Insurance is insurance," added Chairman Strong.

Chairman Strong told WHNT NEWS 19 the insurance representative at the meeting was the best option out of several others recently. Commissioners plan to re-visit the issue in November.


  • Gog

    Strong needs to stay away from the counties insurance before he does away it it completely and they have to pay $600 a month for the debacle Obamacare. Strong wants to get the county out of the insurance business all together so he can hire another secretary for his secretary. I hear his budget for his office alone has gone up 300% since taking office. He needs to be closely monitored.

  • FedUp

    Just one more thing Dale Strong is trying to control and put his “stamp” on…how many more ethics laws is Strong going to violate before someone steps in and does something about it?

    It’s no secret, that prior to Strong being elected into the Chairman position, that the Chairman’s office was ran successfully by 3 people. Suddenly he needs a secretary, his secretary needs a secretary, he created meaningless positions for his campaign contributors kid, his other money-men get bogus positions and all of these people are making ridiculous amounts of money while other “needed” positions are being done away with. And why does your “office gopher” need a county car?

    Tell us Chairman Strong, why did you feel it necessary to replace the perfectly good furniture in your office at the tune of $30k all the while telling the county employees that “we’re gonna do more with less”? Didn’t you mean to say “we’re gonna do more and you’ll have to do with less?”

    Everyone knows that the “Chairman” position is just a stepping stone in your dreams of making it to DC (I’ll chip in on your bus ticket), so don’t flash that smile and act like you’re everybody’s buddy as you try to fool us into believing that what you’re doing is for us. I believe Comm. Roger Jones said it best when he informed you that “this isn’t a one man show”.

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