Hair Curler Doesn’t Curl Naturally Curly Hair

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(WHNT) - It was a quick determination on the Air Curler.

We took it to the So Vain Salon in Huntsville.   The plan was to drop it off, let them test it, and check back in a few days.

About 20 minutes later I heard from one of the stylist.

“This is bad” she said.

The Air Curler is an As Seen on TV product that claims to curl hair quickly and efficiently.

It’s an odd contraption that makes you wonder who, and how, the As Seen on TV stuff gets invented.

It’s plastic pitcher looking device that attaches to a blow dryer.  It has a nozzle that directs the air flow.  (Think beer pitcher from college or lemonade pitcher at Grandma’s house)

Then you put the hair you want curled into the “pitcher” and turn on the blow dryer.

The first couple of problems cropped up quick.

The pitcher, or the bowl, section the air goes in heats up fast.  Also, when you get the container the hair goes in, sometimes it fell off.

But the big problem is ultimately, it didn’t curl the hair of the stylist who let us use her hair to test the Air Curler.

She had naturally curly hair.  The Air Curler still didn’t curl her hair.

It cost $14.99 and it just didn’t come close to working when we tried it. We made the Air Curler a Dud.

If you know someone that has tried the Air Curler and got some curls out of the deal, let us know and we will update the story.