DeKalb County Woman Upset Over Delayed Arson Investigation

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DEKALB COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - A DeKalb County woman believes someone tried to kill her and her family. She's upset and believes investigators aren't working to find who tried to burn down her house. She has a police report proving the evidence and investigation. Elizabeth Burt wanted WHNT NEWS 19 to figure out why she's had to wait more than a year to hear from investigators.

Burt was inside the home with her husband and three children when she noticed the fire. It was a case of arson, but Burt goes a step further, calling it attempted murder. She wants WHNT NEWS 19 to get investigators working on her case.

Peace and quiet of living in rural DeKalb County faded into fear for Burt in June 2012.

"My husband had just gotten home work around 9 or 10 at night," said Burt.

Burt was inside her home with her husband and three children. Mr. Burt was eating dinner when he and his wife noticed something.

"I wasn't sure because we heard a thump and saw orange fly through the window. My husband kind of assumed right away," added Burt.

Both panicked and quickly got out of the home.

"As I was looking around, it was dark, so hard to see. But, I could see a melted plastic Gatorade bottle," added Burt.

It was a Molotov Cocktail. Burt called 911, DeKalb County investigators made a report and the Burt family soon went to bed. When Burt went outside the next morning she found something else.

"I looked down and saw the Gatorade bottle with a dishcloth still in it. It didn't ignite," added Burt.

She believes her family is alive because the arsonist didn't do things right.

"Yes, I do. The suspects supposedly were retaliating for something we didn't do," said Burt.

She added, "It's really scary, because when we have time to think what happened, what could have been, their intention was to burn down our house with us in it."

An incident report details Burt's claim. She told WHNT NEWS 19 a fire marshal looked into it and took fingerprints.

"I don't care what your reason is. No one has the right to threaten your home, your children's lives or your life," added Burt.

Burt checked in with investigators last month, but didn't get a response.

"I don't understand. Fifteen months? Six weeks or a couple of months, you kind of expect that, but not 15 months. That is just too much," added Burt.

It's obvious Burt is bothered. She's not only concerned about the delayed investigation. She's also afraid because of where she lives.

"There's never a day when we leave here and we are not thinking what's going to happen when we get back. I couldn't let my children play in the yard. That"s not fair," added Burt.

WHNT NEWS 19 checked with several agencies to find out which is investigating Burt's claim.  A spokeswoman with the DeKalb County Sheriff's Office told WHNT NEWS 19 Deputy State Fire Marshal Ray Crumby is in charge. WHNT NEWS 19 hasn't been able to talk to him. Crumby has been on vacation. The sheriff's office spokeswoman told WHNT NEWS 19 the suspects are juveniles, but no one is charged. WHNT NEWS 19 will keep checking to find out about arrests.