School Board Member: Grissom Name Not At Risk of Changing

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The current Grissom High School site on Bailey Cove Road. (WHNT News 19 file)

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Johnson High School alumni continue to fight the move to rename the city’s new high school scheduled to be built in north Huntsville.

Meanwhile, they’re also asking why Grissom High School isn’t slated to be renamed when its new campus is built west of Memorial Parkway near Weatherly Road.


This weekend, you may have seen a survey circulating online asking Grissom students, alumni and parents in feeders schools for their opinion.  The survey asks if people want Grissom to keep its name.

In short, is Grissom’s name at risk?  Huntsville School Board member Jennie Robinson says absolutely not.

“There is no effort to change the Grissom name and there is no need to change the Grissom name,” said Dr. Robinson. “It is not a failing school and has a great reputation. I have no doubt that the committee will return a finding that there is an overwhelming desire to retain the name.”

Grissom’s PTA created the survey and circulated it to gather feedback, since Johnson alumni did raise the topic at a recent school board meeting.

“We came up with this to do our due diligence, to see where everyone stands,” said Elisa Ferrell, past PTA president.  “We’re talking with realtors and other people about perception in regards to Grissom from people coming to the area.”

The online survey is intended for Grissom alumni, staff, current students and parents of students in feeder elementary and middle schools.